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Jelly Bean In 12oz Bamboo Cup


Description: Eco-friendly 12oz(340ml), single walled reusable bamboo coffee cup(EK009) comes with a bag of 50g assorted or corporate colour mini Jelly Beans(JB003). It is made from a blend of natural organic bamboo fiber and Polypropylene. Renewable and biodegradable. The use of disposable plastic cups is no longer recommended as it pollutes the environment. The bamboo cup material is strong and durable. It is anti bacteria, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and BPA free. Product Size: 145mmH x 95mmD. Packaging: Cups and Lids Separately Stacked and Packed. Colours: White (Lychee) | Yellow (Lemon) | Orange (Orange) | Red (Strawberry) | Purple (Grape) | Pink (Raspberry) | Green (Apple) | Blue (Blueberry) | Black (Liquorice). Price is using Local Blank Stock.

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