Calico Bags


Have promotional bags that are friendly to the environment as freebies to your next company event. For brands with a sustainable vision or still transitioning to eco-friendly methods, going for calico bags is the best choice to have a brand message printed. Here at IVE, we have a wide selection of calico bags available, such as drawstrings, trade show bags with coloured handles, shopping bags with zippers and more, for your brand and ready to be customised.

Calico bags are made with calico fabric, a plain, woven textile made from unbleached, and often not fully processed, cotton fibres, making them a great alternative to plastic in many ways. Unlike plastic bags that are usually single-used, calico bags are highly reusable, washable, and have more reliable durability. It can carry heavier items than plastic bags and can last a long time, depending on how it's used. There are many ways to use calico bags, such as grocery bags or extra storage for items. It's also a great fashion accessory that can be paired with different outfits, especially when printed with designs.

As for businesses who require promotional items, calico bags are perfect as a giveaway at events or as a gift to employees. Meanwhile, brands that sell goods can use calico bags with the logo as their packaging for purchased items.

The bottom line is that the huge advantage of calico bags in brand exposure is their available surface area to fit huge brand logos or names without worry. In addition, with its many uses, customers, employees or event attendees can use promotional calico bags to bring items home from markets, events, schools and more.

Get easy-to-customise blank calico bags through IVE. Wholesale is available to up to 5000 items in a single purchase, depending on the item to be ordered. Ordering is effortless—select the amount needed, click add it to the enquiry cart, or contact us and an IVE representative will get in touch to discuss your purchase.

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