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Eco bags And Their Benefits

Eco bags in Australia are an excellent way to advertise your brand. As part of our environmentally friendly products, eco friendly tote bags are one of the most used everyday products. Whether it is to use it as an eco friendly shopping bag, or to go to the beach with our giant bamboo bags or have a picnic with our canva cooler, bags are always part of the day, and taken to public spaces. Eco-friendly does not mean it can not be professional, as proven by our cotton conference bag.

The advantage of using our eco friendly bags is that they are  strong products, made of quality and durable material like cork, calico, cotton, bamboo, and recycle P.E.T. Eco bags can be reused as many times as needed.

What Makes These Promotional Eco bag Friendly?

Our green bags in Australia are made of eco-friendly materials such as our calico utility case, using calico and cork which are an eco-friendly alternative which is biodegradable and printed using renewable energy.

Another part of our reusable products in Australia uses recycled material such as our Cairo non woven bag which is made from approx 7 recycled PET bottles and is also printed using renewable energy

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Branded Bags?

  1. They lessen our impact on the environment. Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. Opting for the eco-friendly option is an effortless way to participate in building a greener society.

  2. Eco friendly is trendy. Consumers are more and more aware and concerned about their carbon footprint and no longer want to use plastic. Using eco-friendly branded bags as part of your green promotions strategy will show your brand in a positive way.  It’s the easiest way to promote your business as environmentally responsible and aware.

  3. Plastic bags are banned from more and more places. Supermarkets and retailers are slowly banning single use plastic bags, making reusable bags the best alternative for consumers. Moreover, custom shopping bags in Australia get a very large exposure since they are used in crowded environments such as supermarkets, malls and shopping centres.

  4. Attracting the right talent. Building an eco-friendly image for your brand will not only satisfy customers, but will attract talents to your company. People are concerned with environmental challenges and more and more of them want to work for a company which makes efforts to be more sustainable. Showing that you are using eco-friendly bags on your social media will give another reason to the talents out there, to want to work for your company.

  5. They are an inexpensive, sustainable gift in Australia. 

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