Branded Face Masks


Custom Face Masks

Connect with new customers or add more value to your brand by investing in promotional marketing materials like health essentials. 

Whether you’re in the health industry or not, people wearing face masks have since become a common sight. They are beneficial in terms of providing protection against air pollution and even blocking the spread of highly infectious diseases. Hence, giving away face masks is deemed a smart move in making your product known or getting the attention of new customers. 

Benefits of Printed Face Masks For Your Business

Similar to branded notebooks and pencils, printed face masks make practical promotional items. Using face masks for business doesn’t just keep your staff and customers safe but also help in creating brand awareness. A personalised face mask with your brand printed on it can be your walking billboard. It is cost-effective, as you don’t need to hire an influencer to do all the promotions for you. 

When worn in public places, even by ordinary customers, it can reach people beyond your target audience. So, for example, your brand gets more exposure simply by letting your customer or client use your personalised face mask in grocery stores, hospitals and shopping malls. 

Considering face masks to boost your company’s market presence? If so, IVE offers clients personalised face masks in Australia. People are attracted to free giveaways, and these printed face masks are the perfect promotional items you can give them during these times. 

Depending on the message you want to communicate about your brand, you can go for their breathable and reusable non-surgical face masks featuring over-the-ear, adjustable elastic loops or hygienic sets containing wipes and masks. Some items can be pre-ordered and available in quantities of 100 - 500. 

We can accommodate customers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and everywhere in Australia, so don’t hesitate to give our custom face masks a try. To learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact IVE here.

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