Customised Jackets


Jackets are versatile and comfortable to wear. It's the perfect outfit your staff can wear over and over again. Letting them wear customised jackets with the brand logo printed makes the logo or brand name visible no matter how many layers of clothing the staff wears. 

Create personalised jackets that your team can wear anytime and anywhere they are. Whether it's a team excursion or office gathering, your organisation will surely be able to advertise and catch the eye of your target audience with ease.

The first step in ordering a personalised jacket through IVE is to consider when and where the team will be using the jacket. Note that certain fabrics are suitable for specific situations, such as fleece for colder weather and polyester for sports events. Identifying the occasion and purpose helps you know what type of jacket you need.

IVE has a library of jackets available for different activities and sizes in mind. There are branded jackets for men, kids apex jackets, hybrid jackets, custom embroidered jackets, custom printed jackets and more. You can order in amounts of up to 1000, while jacket sizes range from small to 5XL. The sizes available, however, depend on what type of jacket you require. All the jackets and jumpers are low-cost alternatives made with excellent quality and reliable materials.

When it comes to design, our team uses screen-printing technologies to transfer your design to the fabric. Screen printing, also known as silk screening, transfers graphics from a stencil to the top of the shirt or jacket through printing. It's a favoured process because it produces high-quality prints and vivid colours, printing text and images without distortions. Using screen printing also enables printing in bulk or replicating the same design as much as needed, perfect for group orders of jackets required.


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