Custom Notebook


Make your customers, clients or partners feel more appreciated for attending your event by giving them promotional gifts that they can use every day. Custom notebooks are good examples of promotional items that you can include in your goodie bags during school events, corporate gatherings and trade fairs. 

When it comes to boosting your marketing efforts, never underestimate the power of personalised notebooks. Some of the benefits that marketers can reap from giving away branded notebooks include creating brand awareness, attracting new clients/customers and increasing sales. 

When your clients or attendees start flaunting or using your well-designed, branded notebooks in higher traffic places (e.g. meetings and classes), more and more people get exposed to your brand’s logo and message. Once your logo attracts eyeballs, it creates an impact on consumer’s buying decisions. 

Benefits of buying custom notebooks from IVE?

Moving down the path of promotional marketing is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business. People will remember you for your promotional gift, plus you have a walking billboard that can do all the “talking” for you. 

When purchasing your first sets of notebooks, IVE offers clients a variety of personalised notebooks in Australia. They are of great value and available in different colours, sizes and materials—meaning there are plenty of designs to cater to your liking. In addition, we have custom leather notebooks boasting professional looks and ecological printed notebooks for those who prefer sustainable products. 

In case you decide to give IVE a try, we can accommodate customers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and everywhere in Australia. So to learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact IVE here.

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