Pen USBs


Giving away USB pens presents a fun and great opportunity to promote your business or build a connection with your potential customers. These items are convenient and portable, perfect for people who like jotting down notes and need access to their data while on the go. 

Pens with USBs can go a long way toward increasing brand awareness. When utilised in public venues like hospitals, malls, banks, and supermarkets, your brand receives exposure or attracts more eyeballs. 

If you’re considering getting promotional items for your next event, IVE has a variety of USB pens that can be customised to meet your needs and budget. Our Helium USB Pens (32GB) make the perfect giveaways at formal events with their minimalist, stylish look. Besides the contrasting COB design, these pens boast grade A memory, a 10 year warranty on data retention and a 1 year replacement warranty on faulty manufacture. Helium pens feature a branding area of 35 x 6 mm - (pad, laser - lower barrel) and 35 x 7 mm (pad - top barrel), giving you enough space for your business’ logo and slogan.

Meanwhile, IVE has colourful pens like the USB Pen Metal Tip (16GB) TURNUS if you want your brand to colourfully stand out. This innovation combines two important promotional items in an intelligent and convenient way. It features high quality 16GB capacity USB-flash drive with a hidden latest Micro COB Chip technology. Excellent writing is guaranteed with the shiny chrome silver tip, high quality Parker-Type silktech German manufactured black ink refill, 3000 meters writing distance, and a tungsten carbide ball. 

Give your marketing strategy a boost with IVE. If you want to know more about our products, contact us here and an IVE representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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