Customised Polo Shirts



Benefits to buy Custom Polo Shirts from us?

IVE is one of the largest customised polo shirts suppliers in Australia. Our branded polo shirts are versatile and bring a sense of consistency and unity to your team. They can be worn as a business polo shirt by both customer-facing and non-customer-facing employees, because they combine comfort and elegance. Our corporate polo shirts will give a very professional look to your team, with their elegant collars, with buttons or without buttons. Your team will look presentable and professional throughout the day. Additionally, nothing beats the comfort of our custom polo shirts, which will allow employees to perform their daily tasks feeling good in their outfit. These polo shirts for business are fantastic uniform garments, ideal for outdoor work, hospitality, events, leisure or as everyday casual wear. Our custom polo shirts include clothing for men, women and children

Embroidered polo shirts offer a practical way to promote your business, club or community cause, because they are easy-to-design, easy to tailor to your brand, and cost-effective. As one of the largest polo shirts printing companies in Australia, IVE provides a large range of polo brand shirts, in different colours and sizes, that can be embroidered to make them polo shirts with logo, to match perfectly your brand identity. 

 Our range also includes some printed polo shirts, which are made of great quality and reliable materials. They also allow for customisation by including your company logo, business name or message to be embroidered on the left chest area.

 Manufacture & Branding options

We offer low prices, and the price gets lower per shirt as the quantity gets higher. You can order as low as 10 polo shirts, up to 2,500, sizes S to XXL. Our polo shirt range is made of great quality, 100% cotton, reliable materials. We can include any message or branding: logos, tagline, icons, message and more.  The production and delivery process is fast and easy, satisfaction guaranteed! Request a quote today or ask us any questions here.


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