Speakers and Earphones


Giving away promotional items is one of the best ways to attract attention to your brand, especially when you give something that they could use every day, like wireless speakers and custom headphones.

Speakers and Earphones as Giveaways

Speakers and earphones are great promotional items because they provide ample space for branding—easily place your brand name, logo and even your company's event on it, and it will still fit. On the other hand, these products promote repeat usage as your employees will place them in their workspaces or customers will use them whenever they need to make a call or listen to music.

Why Custom Earphones and Speakers Order From IVE

IVE offers various audio gadgets that your employees and customers can use. From wireless Bluetooth speakers to earbud headphones, you can find a promotional item you can give away for your next event. We also have other items available like notepads and power banks that you can include in your goodie bag with waterproof speakers and earbuds.

For businesses that target other companies, the Foldable Headphones with Mic and the Earbuds in Case with Screen Cleaner are perfect for on-the-go or work from home employees. As for those looking for a more fashionable giveaway with an eco-friendly design and a rich sound, the Kobra Wireless Speaker in Recycled ABS and Aluminium will boost your image of being a green company.

IVE offers bulk ordering with the amounts depending on the type of earphones and speakers you're ordering. After requesting a quote, an IVE representative will reach out to you to discuss your order and assist you with your questions.

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