Travel Accessories


Benefits of promotional travel accessories for Your Business

Travel gifts are the perfect items you can add to your marketing mix if you want to get your message out to more people. Whether you're in a local market or attending sporting events, travel products provide opportunities beyond promotions. When potential customers find your gifts practical and valuable in their everyday life, you get positive brand association. They also come with several benefits, which you can utilise to your business' advantage. 

Travel accessories, such as a neck pillow, an eye mask and a travel sewing kit, are highly functional. They can be used during long haul flights, making your loyal customers or potential clients' trips a pleasant experience. They also help boost brand awareness or gain high visibility, especially when used in public places such as airports, public transport, and foreign destinations. 

We at IVE offer the best travel products in Australia. Choose from our list of custom travel accessories that include a document bag, a neck pillow, a set of eye masks and more. Add a thoughtful touch to your giveaways by going for our customisable inflatable pillow egeo. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so you can be sure that it’s hardwearing. 

To match your branding colours, this item is available in bright colours such as blue, green, orange, red and yellow. Our inflatable neck pillow is also comfortable, with a soft suede neck and a nice texture from the premium microfibre. 

Since there's a limit on liquids that can be brought onboard, your potential customers are going to appreciate our travel-sized bottles. Our travel set lopix consists of three bottles with a watertight closure and is made from a durable material called polypropylene. 

Another way to make your brand stay in your customers' minds is through our cotton travel pouches that can be printed with your logo or brand message. These are practical pieces for keeping your toiletries, electronic cables, small articles of clothing and so much more. 

Create a positive impression and draw attention to your brand with our collection of travel gifts. We respond to orders in quantities of 100-1000 and can even help you with whatever message you want to be written on it. For more details, don't hesitate to shoot us a message here

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