Feather Flags


Benefits of promotional banners for Your Business

Traditional marketing techniques still work even in the digital age—especially for startups wanting to boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic and generate sales without having to shell out a huge marketing budget. To build your market presence, start with reusable advertising tools that only require a one-time fee but can deliver the best return on investment. 

Feather banners are promotional flags that you can place outside your store, booth and fair during large-scale events. These advertising banners are designed in the shape of a quill with the company’s logo and brand messaging. Compared to billboards and massive signages, these advertising flags are so easy to set up, put away and transfer to your next big event. 

These feather banners can also be an effective marketing tool and a booth decor for promoting your brand, making them unique and multifunctional. When installed at your store entrance or next to your booth, more and more people become familiar with your business’ logo or message. Once you get that extra attention, you get more people curious about your product, leading to solid connections and potential sales leads. 

Our Advertising Flags are customisable 

If you’re looking to incorporate feather banners in your marketing plans, IVE offers various promotional flags in Melbourne and everywhere in Australia that are not limited to specific shapes and sizes. Our angled feather banners can be customised for any occasion and are available in small, medium and large sizes. Make your promotional campaign even more eye-catching by popping up a teardrop flag banner with fibreglass poles and chrome swivel steel fittings near your booth. You can also go for our standard set of rectangular banners made from a layer of UV block out and in full colour. 

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