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Promotional pens are a worthwhile marketing investment. People will appreciate you more for offering such items that can be used rather than those that serve only as displays. 

Apart from being the most convenient item to giveaway, pens may also be effective in communicating your message clearly and leaving a positive impression on potential clients or consumers. People who use your customised pens in high-traffic venues like banks, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets become walking billboards for your brand, allowing you to reach those who might not otherwise see your ads. 

On top of that, giving away personalised pens is a great way to develop a connection with people and convert these leads into sales. Customisable pens might get more people interested in them. Leverage their portability and functionality to your advantage by having them custom printed with your logo or brand message for use at trade shows, conferences, and other formal corporate events. Once you've captured their attention, some may even begin asking more about or have an instant recall of your company's logo. 

Besides brand recall and free advertising, plastic pens will not cause a massive dent in your marketing budget. They are inexpensive; you can purchase them in bulk and customise them to your preferences. 

Why buy pens from us

If you're looking to boost your brand awareness, giving out personalised pens is nevertheless an excellent place to start. IVE offers pens of different shapes and sizes, so we can better meet every company's needs or demands. 

Go for our colourful pens and show them what makes your brand different from the competition. These modern, unique plastic pens are designed with a window see-through inside click mechanism. They have a high-quality parker-type German manufactured black ink refill, 1200 meters writing distance and a tungsten carbide ball for better writing quality. You can have them individually packed or in an optional gift box/pouch.  

Our European pens are the perfect giveaways during formal events or corporate meetings. These metallic lacquered plastic pens feature a shiny brass nickel-plated tip, a polished sprung steel nickel plated clip, and high-quality silk tech. They also come with a German manufactured black ink refill, 3000 meters writing distance and a tungsten carbide ball.

We also offer pens with a round button badge attached to a clip, giving you more space for printing a four-colour digital image, individual names and numbers. These pens are available in black, white, red, dark blue, light blue, orange, pink and green. 

We deliver Australia-wide

We at IVE believe in developing relationships with all of our clients, no matter how big or small. With notable features to unique designs, IVE plastic pens will play a valuable role in your marketing strategy. 

Boost your marketing efforts with IVE promotional items, including feather flags, branded backpacks, custom notebooks and more! If you want to know more about our products, don't hesitate to contact us through our website.

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