Businesses can heavily benefit by leveraging skirts as a promotional item. It's the perfect clothing to wear during a formal gathering, business meeting or marketing conference.

Skirts as Promotional Items

Getting custom promotional skirts will establish a professional look for your team. This can serve as part of their corporate uniform at work or as a simple outfit during an organisation outing to easily spot the employees. Another strategy to take advantage of custom skirts is to use them as giveaways at your next corporate event, which can be bundled with other customised goods like conference bags or ponchos and raincoats.


Allowing your team to wear comfortable promotional skirts attracts more eyeballs to catch the business and get potential customers interested. As a business owner, you can consider branded skirts as a walking billboard wherever they go as there are employees who commute to and from work and even eat lunch with colleagues at the nearest mall.


High Quality and Fashionable Skirts from IVE

IVE has many custom skirts you can leverage for your next event or wear as office attire. Made from a range of quality fabrics and reliable materials, our skirts come in different lengths, styles and fits but still has a lot of space to accommodate your brand's logo, name, slogan and other information.


Our promotional skirts are perfect for effortless styles as they're very comfortable to wear. Easily pair our promotional skirts with customised t-shirts for a casual office Friday look or a customised polo shirt if going for a business casual outfit.

Ready to give your employees a new uniform? Depending on your budget, you could order through wholesome from 10 to even 1000 skirts easily with IVE. Contact us through this enquiry form to directly speak to an IVE representative and discuss quotations and budgets.

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