Wherever you are, always keep yourself and others safe from viruses causing the common cold, flu, cold sores and more. Alcohol wipes are efficient disinfectants and have proven essential in everyone’s hygiene kit. 

Portable and easy to use—all you need to do is take one piece and wipe off any frequently touched surfaces, including pens, doorknobs, phones or anything else you deem necessary. 

These individual wet wipes are also multipurpose. Depending on the amount of alcohol solution, they can also be used to clean a child’s delicate skin, remove makeup residue, freshen up on the go and cleanse wounds. 

At IVE, we believe that hygiene should not be compromised. Protect yourself and your staff from getting exposed to germs with our bulk antibacterial wipes. Each pack includes 50 wet wipes, which is enough to last a few days to several weeks. 

Our wet wipes are also great for cleaning your hands before eating or after pressing the elevator button, as they are infused with 75% alcohol. Our product contains more water but can still do the job, leaving your hands feeling soft, clean and free of germs. 

If you’re a company wanting to raise brand awareness, add value to your brand by giving away sanitising wet wipes. Clients or potential customers, who are always on the go, are surely going that effort you put into ensuring their health and safety. 

In return, you get free advertising, especially when these consumers start passing down information about you by word of mouth. Your message gets delivered right to your audience by creating a solid brand positive image. 

If you’re considering adding wet wipes to your list of promotional items, don’t hesitate to check out our website here. You can also email us at customerservice.promote@ivegroup.com.au if you wish to speak with one of our representatives. 

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