Customised T-Shirts


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Promote everywhere your employees go. Customised t-shirts are an excellent option for employees to have a casual uniform. At the same time, it is a great kind of goodies to promote the brand inside and outside the company.. Letting them wear the same clothes every day at work removes the stress in deciding their outfit of the day and gives them more time to focus on important matters.

Whether branded shirts, t-shirt with logo, or a printed t-shirt, shirts are easy to wear and maintain. Allowing employees to wear a company t-shirt makes them a walking billboard that promotes your business anywhere they go. On the other hand, it encourages team unity because wearing the same custom shirt makes them feel a sense of unity and drive to achieve a common goal.

Customised t-shirts can be synonymous with formal and fun. Employees can tuck in the shirts or wear a blazer on top to look professional. Meanwhile, a loose-fitting company t-shirt is the perfect team uniform to wear during company events and trips. 

When it comes to the t-shirt itself, IVE offers a long list of shirts to choose from. There are shirts for men, jersey tops for women, long sleeve t-shirts, shirts with designs, hooded tee, unisex tees, polo shirts and more. All the products in our inventory are made with great quality materials, giving the shirts a comfortable feel and reliable durability.

Custom t-shirts are inexpensive to produce. Buying and printing shirts in bulk order are cheaper than buying one by one. At IVE, bulk shirt purchases are available at least ten pieces up to thousands, with sizes ranging from XXS - 4XL. We have different designs, fabrics and colours to choose from. Simply add the orders in the enquiry cart to start the order process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Create representation, fun and unity in the workplace. Look through IVE's catalogue of t-shirts and find the best one in line with the company.

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