Tote Bags


High-quality and reusable tote bags can speak volumes about your brand, adding to your arsenal of marketing strategies. Giving away or using custom tote bags with your brand's logo, brand name, or slogan already exposes your business to your potential target market.

Getting custom tote bags gives a lot of benefits to businesses. Some of those benefits are:

Boosts brand recognition—tote bags are a great promotional item due to their large space that can easily fit a brand logo, name and slogan. Meanwhile, sustainable tote bags also help create an idea that your business promotes sustainability, especially if it's really part of your vision and mission.

Boosts brand awareness—in connection to brand recognition, having custom tote bags also increases brand awareness because people become walking ads while using your promotional item wherever they go. The various uses of tote bags increase people's chances of coming across your brand coincidentally. For example, they can go to a grocery store, a pharmacy, school, office or another crowded place to do errands while carrying your promotional tote bag. That’s exposure without further paying for models or influencers.

Choose the best tote bag for your organisation's next event. Tote bags at IVE are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours and are ready to be customised or printed. Get a canvas tote bag for a conference loot bag, a beach canvas bag with outer and inner pockets as a gift when customers reached a certain purchase amount or travel bags as one of the prizes at a company lottery event. Another good example is using laminated non-woven bags as packaging for every purchase. Despite the differences, these tote bags and other products available at IVE are useful items everyone can use in their daily lives.

Perfect for small budgets—buying promotional items in bulk, such as tote bags, reusable coffee cups, aprons, and more, helps lessen the price per unit. Here at IVE, bulk orders for tote bags are available from 10 to 2,500, depending on the item and its type. Don’t hesitate to contact us and a representative will be in touch with a solution tailored to your needs.

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