Branded Backpacks


Give your employees the gift of comfort and efficiency with backpacks that can fit their work materials or personal belongings with ease. Whether it's for work or leisure, backpacks are versatile bags people can use on different occasions.

Promotional backpacks are great outdoor advertising tools companies can leverage to promote events and the company itself. These items are very brandable because of the space availability it has for prints. It can easily showcase the brand logo, messaging and other branding purposes. Whether it's a giveaway in conferences or for employees, backpacks are widely used and never go out of style. There is always a high demand for backpacks because it caters to different types of people, such as students, office workers, travellers and more.

On the other hand, backpacks are functional and efficient for school or office work. Students and employees can bring in their laptops, notebooks, pens and more to conferences, outside meetings and other work-related errands. 

Space in advertising and functionality are not the only benefits of giving away printed corporate backpacks. In addition, a durable promotional backpack can last up to years of usage. Thus, it saves the company and employee's money in the long run.

IVE knows that giving away promotional items and goodies take up a part of the budget. We have backpacks that come in different styles, designs, sizes, materials and more to choose from and customise. There are adventure laptop backpacks, waterproof backpacks, backpack shoulder bags with triangular design, drawstring bags, trolley bags and more. All the bags are made with reliable materials, making them durable and of great quality.

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