Customised Knitwear


Personalised jumpers give visibility and consistency to your brand, everywhere you go, and can be used on various occasions. They feature a very large branding areas to get your message out and visible. Your staff can wear our branded jumpers at tradeshows, marketing launches and more!

You can also use our design jumpers as a giveaway, or a prize at an expo, an event, or as a gift item during the sales.

Comfortable and cosy, custom printed hoodies are very popular for winter sports event and outdoor businesses. They are designed for all genders and can slip comfortably over a t-shirt, polo, work shirt, or blouse.

Our knitwear range, including all our design jumpers, can be produced for up to 2500, which makes them perfect for large groups such as schools and universities.

At IVE, we have a very diverse range, of vests, cardigans, mens fleece jumpers, zip jumpers, sweaters, pullovers and more! We offer various message and branding options. Versatile designs are possible with our screen-printing technologies which allow for small and large designs on customised jumpers. If you're concerned about text or image distortions, don’t be! Our state of the art equipment and our professional team are here to protect your image and give you the best result.

Great economies of scale can be achieved by buying bulk. You can purchase from ten pieces up to thousands, with sizes ranging from XXS - 5XL. We only produce great quality knitwear, with reliable materials. To wash our knitwear range, turn the garment inside out before washing. Ensure you don't wash fleece items with products that are likely to lint and pill, such as towels.

Purchasing our knitwear range is easy: simply add the orders in the enquiry cart to start the order process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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