Branded Pencils


With the expanding role of social media in marketing, why continue investing in a promotional product? 

The answer is simple: They are cheaper than any form of advertising tool yet yield better results. 

There are different types of promotional products, and pens/pencils are one of them.  They can be bought in bulk and quickly handed out during conferences, school events and trade shows. Branded pencils may seem like simple promotional gifts, but they could go a long way in boosting brand awareness and broadening your market. 

Building your brand’s presence by wisely picking your promotional methods is the rudimentary step to generating sales leads. When your client/customer uses your branded pencils in public places, say for filling out forms, other people get exposed to your brand’s logo and message. 

Eventually, it creates a sense of familiarity that leads to opportunities for buying or affects consumer-buying behaviour. Thus, pens or pencils make for ideal promotional gifts and an effective walking advertisement for your business. 

Benefits of buying promotional pens from IVE?

Leverage customisable pens/pencils and achieve brand awareness for your business. People love receiving freebies that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also multifunctional. With that in mind, IVE offers a range of promotional pens that you can give to people the next time you host an event.

Most of these products can be purchased in sets and are available in different shapes and sizes. Go for a set figgy if you plan to target students or moms with kids. This set consists of eight pieces in an eco-friendly cardboard box with a window. It also contains a colouring book, 6 pencils and a sharpener. Alternatively, your logo or message can be imprinted on a bicoloured mechanical pencil or luxury metal pencil. Ideal giveaways to clients, partners and event-goers, these pencils have good grips that can help alleviate finger discomfort while writing. 

Besides the appeal and function, some benefits come from buying promotional pencils from IVE. We believe in the positive impacts of nurturing clients’ relationships; that’s why we always work hard to provide excellent customer service. Find the perfect pens or pencils for your brand's next event. IVE has a wide range of items that cater to bulk orders ranging from 100 to 10000, depending on the product.

Promotional pens can fall on either side of the marketing spectrum—making them a huge investment or a miscalculated risk for business owners. Whatever your brand’s vision or mission is, we guarantee you the best price for the highest goods available. 

If you want to learn more about our products, contact us through our website, and a representative will reach out to you soon.

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